Type : Offensive
Launch Unit : Yes
Rank Req : 12
Cost : 1000+ Material Gold
Materials : Material Wood
Material Pitch
Material Iron
Material Stone

Captains are the most powerful unit in the game, the leaders of an attack (or even defense). They are equipped with the skills Rallying Cry, Arrow Volley, Battle Cry and Catapult Volley. These help the other AI, and allows the player a degree of control over battles. They are also required for players to own more than one village.

They can be trained once you've reached rank 12° (Alderman).



Captains have significant research tree, the first line increasing the number available to a maximum of 5 per village.There is also logistics which increases movement speed to a max of 500%. finally there is a tactics tree which allows for new battle strategies.


Heavy steel armor

Heavy steel axe



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