The Church increases the daily faith points of all the villages within the parish, and requires banquet goods to upgrade it. This building may only be placed in parish capitals. The initial cost of placement is 5,000 gold and 5 Flags.

Level 0 > 1: (Faith Points per day: 6) 

(Venison-) (Furniture-) 

Level 1 > 2: (Faith Points per day: 12) 

(Venison-) (Furniture-) (Metalware-) 

Level 2 > 3: (Faith Points per day: 18) 

(Venison-200) (Furniture-120) (Metalware-60) 

Level 3 > 4: (Faith Points per day: 24) 

(Venison-200) (Furniture-120) (Metalware-60) (Clothes-20) 

Level 4 > 5: (Faith Points per day: 30)

Venison-280) (Furniture-210) (Metalware-140) (Clothes-63) (Wine-7) 

Level 5 > 6: (Faith Points per day: 36) 

(Venison-400) (Furniture-500) (Metalware-600) (Clothes-360) (Wine-80) (Salt-40) (Spices-20) 

Level 6 > 7: (Faith Points per day: 42) 

(Venison-525) (Furniture-700) (Metalware-1,050) (Clothes-700) (Wine-280) (Salt-140) (Spices-70) (Silk-35) 

Level 7 > 8: (Faith Points per day: 48) 

(Venison-600) (Furniture-900) (Metalware-1,500) (Clothes-1680) (Wine-480) (Salt-480) (Spices-240) (Silk-120) 

Level 8 > 9: (Faith Points per day: 54) 

(Venison-800) (Furniture-1200) (Metalware-2,200) (Clothes-3,000) (Wine-800) (Salt-800) (Spices-800) (Silk-400) 

Level 9 > 10: (Faith Points per day: 60) 

(Venison-600) (Furniture-1500) (Metalware-3000) (Clothes-4500) (Wine-1500) (Salt-1500) (Spices-1200) (Silk-1200)

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