The Enemy in Stronghold Kingdoms comes in many guises. Players can expect to see castles spawning that range from the Rat, who is relatively easy to fend off, all the way to the Wolf, who needs multiple armies (sometimes from more than 1 player) in order to defeat.

Enemy LordsEdit

The enemy lords are the characters associated with the spawned castles (i.e., Rat's castle is the weakest, as the character himself was). They originated in Stronghold, and it is yet unknown as to how far they will appear in Stronghold Kingdoms.

"The Pig" - Duc TruffeEdit

Pig Small
When the Pig was born it is rumoured he looked so hideous that his parents abandoned him in the street.

Whatever the case, it is known that he was taken in by a group of travelling bandits who raided small towns and villages throughout the homeland. Whilst growing-up with this small army of rogues he was vastly underfed, however after developing a crude understanding of basic military tactics and being nominated as their leader, the Pig made sure that he had first call on the best foods after each raid and has overcompensated ever since.

After one of the Pigs successful raids, the Wolf paid a visit to his encampment saying he was in search of a leader to command an army and after seeing the long scar on the Pigs left arm the Wolf became insistent that he was the right man for the job.

To this day it is still unclear why the Wolf thought the Pig was the best choice or why the king himself agreed with the Wolfs proposition to grant the Pig dukedom but however this came to be, the Pig now runs an effective if over populated kingdom.[1]

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"The Rat" - Duc de PuceEdit

Rat Small
The Rat was raised as an only child in lands belonging to the Puce family. The duke showed his mother favour ensuring that she never paid taxes and always had enough to get by.

One day a messenger came to the door with some very surprising news. It was revealed that his father was the same Duc de Puce who his mother had once worked for as a serving wench. Due to an unfortunate accident the entire Puce family had been lost at sea whilst returning from holiday leaving the Rat as next in line to inherit the title of duke.

Lacking an education, he turned to Duc Beauregard, who governed a neighbouring province, for advice on how to best manage his lands. More than happy to advise the poor fool, Duc Beauregard sent over a handful of his most loyal staff to assist and thanks to this aid the Rat now runs a respectful, if impoverished, kingdom.[1]

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"The Snake" - Duc BeauregardEdit

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"The Wolf" - Duc VolpeEdit

Wolf Small
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Bandits are a "static" enemy, the same as the above Lords and Wolf Lairs. They vary in defensive strength based on the average player rank in the Parish. Generally very easy to dispatch.

Siege CampsEdit

Siege Camps spawn periodically in parishes, and send out small forces to attack players villages. (These are based on a player's rank - the higher the rank the larger the incoming attacks will be)

Wolf LairsEdit

Wolf Lairs as per Bandit Camps are based on the average player rank in the Parish (sometimes they will randomly spawn an amount of wolves not directly related to the rank average) Player armies must reach the lair in order for them to defeat the Lair.

Honour rangeEdit

How do you increase the honour range?

Currently, the card Advanced Outriders will increase your range by 50%.



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