Unit Main Knight
Type : Defensive
Launch Unit : Yes
Rank Req : Alderman (12)
Cost : n/a Material Gold
Materials : Material Wood
Material Pitch
Material Iron
Material Stone

A Knight in Stronghold Kingdoms is a unit that is part of a purely defensive, yet swiftly destructive force known as: Sally Forth, after the research it requires. When an enemy player or AI army is laying siege to a castle, having Sally Forth will cause Knights to ride forth from the castle Keep, aiming initially to destroy Catapults, then any remaining forces. The number of Knights deployable is dependent upon research, but even at their maximum they are ineffective against heavy archer fire and large numbers of infantry.


In previous Stronghold games, the requirements for Knights were the same as for Swordsmen (Sword, Armour and Gold) but additionally they required Horses (requiring the Stable buildings). In Kingdoms, Knights are instead created automatically from the Keep of the player's castle that is being attacked, provided the player has researched "Sally Forth"; because of this, they are purely defensive. The amount of Knights produced is dependent upon how far they have researched, for a maximum of 10 Knights in any single battle. Unlike some other castle defences, Knights are replenished after each battle.

Knights are very fast and have a strong attack, making them deadly towards Catapults, which they seek out before other units; in this role, they are roughly comparable to Ballistae. Individually, they are the second strongest unit in the game, only weaker than Captains in terms of hit points. However, they are vulnerable to heavy archer fire, and their limited numbers make them ineffective against any large infantry formations. They do not ride out all at once, but are released periodically during the battle. This limits their effectiveness against groups of units, but does mean that they can get easily behind the advancing enemy formations to attack catapults and archers.

It is not only human players that can deploy Knights, but also the more advanced AI Castles (Pig and Wolf).

In appearance, Knights actually resemble one of the skins for the same unit in Stronghold Crusader, not that of the original game.


The number of Knights that spawn from your Keep increases with your research of Sally Forth, for a maximum of 10 Knights. Unlike other units, there is no research to upgrade the effectiveness of Knights.


Main article: Military Research
  • Castellation (5)
  • Sally Forth: increases number spawned (max. 10)


  • Defence
    • Steel Armour
    • Steel Shield
  • Miscellaneous
    • War Horse
  • Offence
    • Longsword