Type : Status Change
Launch Unit : Yes
Rank Req : TBC
Cost : 150 Material Gold
Materials : - Material Wood
- Material Pitch
- Material Iron
- Material Stone

Monks are a pure necessity for the Religious buffs among us. They can provide an extremely powerful array of defensive measures, that can ensure complete control over your enemies.

They have the ability to sway Parish votes, cure disease, stop any attacks on a Village, provide Parish-wide blessings and much, much more.


The monk is a versatile unit capable of buffing or debuffing a parish (Mariage and Confirmation, respectively), influencing the votes of a player in a parish (adding or substracting a number of votes dependant on the number of monks sent), interdicting a village or parish (this skill prevents any attacks on the target, be it from a player or AI - this skill doesn't stop incoming attacks) and excommunicating other villages (removes the ability to use religious powers for a set amount of time).


Each monk costs 150 gold and occupies 25 unit space with a maximum of 8 units allowed per village.


Monks are unlocked after researching Ordination (prerequisite: Theology 5).

Their total number can be upgraded up to 8 monks per village by further researching Ordination and their speed up to 500% by researching Pilgrimage (prerequisite Ordination 1).

Equipment Edit