Unit Main Pikeman
Type : Offensive & Defensive
Launch Unit : Yes
Rank Req : 11
Cost : 50 Material Gold
Materials : 50 Material Wood
Material Pitch
50 Material Iron
Material Stone

Pikemen are strong melee units armed with a pike and steel armour. Stronger than Armed Peasants, though weaker than Swordsmen, Pikemen are often the staple military unit of medium-higher level players (and AI castles).



Some empirical test show that the Pikeman can take up from 60% to 100% more damage than a Swordsman, but cause half the damage to buildings.


Required to create Pikemen:

  • Command: level 3
  • Pike: level 1 (research increases hit points, max 100%)

Required for equipment:

  • Weapon making: level 3
  • Poleturning: level 1


  • Defence
    • Steel plated armour.
  • Offence
    • Medium range Pike.



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