Religion in Stronghold Kingdoms is partly how you would imagine it to be, in the Medieval Times. Religion itself can sometimes render other players Villages, even Factions inert for a very long time.

Points are collected everyday (as per Honour) and can be spent on various events (see below) to either aid or hinder.

What Can It Be Used ForEdit

Faith Points and Religion in general can do the following things :

  • Cure Disease in any Parish.
  • Create Monks.
  • Place blessings affecting all Villages in that parish (+ popularity)
  • Stop anything attacking yours, or others Villages.
  • Stop a target(s) Village(s) from using Religion.
  • Change votes in Parishes.

Buildings and UnitsEdit


There are 5 different buildings that can be built, all of which generate Faith Points at different rate, and are available at different levels of Theology research. The smaller two, Small and Large Shrines, are the only ones that don't also provide a bonus to the Honour multiplier.

Faith Points accrue per day, Honour amount daily depends on unique player styles.
  • Small Shrine : 1 Faith Point.
  • Large Shrine : 4 Faith Points.
  • Chapel : 8 Faith Points, 3 Honour Multiplier.
  • Church : 15 Faith Points, 8 Honour Multiplier.
  • Cathedral : 100 Faith Points, 26 Honour Multiplier.


The unit available for the Religion research is the Monk, which is required to use any of the available abilities. They take up 25 space each, and initially cost 150 gold, however the more monks present in the village the lower the cost is. Ordination research is required to train monks, and a higher level of it will allow more monks at one time.