Unit Main Scout
Type : Explorative
Launch Unit : Yes
Rank Req : TBC
Cost : 100 Material Gold
Materials : - Material Wood
- Material Pitch
- Material Iron
- Material Stone

Scouts are generally what the name implies. They can be used to scout out various places on the World Map. For example, they can be used to scout enemy castles to check their defences. They can also be used to forage for materials on the map (stashes), etc.


Military Scouting -

Scouting a Unknown Stashpile - When scouting a unknown stash (bag with ? on it), you receive some amount of honour - amount of honour received is based on the type of good. Most goods will provide 520 honour as they have currently fixed this. Honour can only be awarded if the stash is within your range area, indicated by a red circle. At higher ranks, the distance between the stash and your village does not matter on the quality of the good.

Foraging - Scouts are a great way to gain a variety of resources, in fact scouts are able to forage for all of the Raw Materials in the game, as well as many crafted items, the only items that cannot be found are weapons. To forage you must have at least 1 scout (available at level 1 through Research in the Military Tab). By clicking the Map tab you will see icons correlating to different raw materials and crafted items, such as cheese, apples, furniture. You will also come across bags with a ? symbol on them, which must be scouted before you know what they contain (don't worry, you will still receive the materials you are due.).

Base scouting is 50 of any good type or 10 honour good. If you scout and forage an item (ie: ale) without the inn, the goods will appear in the inn when it is created, but not before.

Scout Death - Scouts may not come back from the scout target.You have lost that scout, and you do not get any information of the enemy. Scouts may not be succesful when scouting military targets such as another player's village, castles, wolf lairs, bandit camps, etc. In these cases, it is suggested that you use two or more scouts when scouting bandit camps.


To calculate the maximum goods you can forage use this formula

Total forage = ( 50 * (1 + 0.5 * FL) ) * SN

Where FL is the Foraging research level and SN is the Scouts research level(or number of scouts you can train).

So the maximum goods you can forage is 2400.


you must research scouts to get scouts