Stronghold Kingdoms is currently in the Testing Stage.
Therefore, any information on this wiki cannot be taken as concrete facts, and may still change.

Units in Stronghold Kingdoms are key to any Lord's success, as they have been in previous Stronghold games. Whether you are purely economical, or army bias, you must look into the units aspect of the game to ensure your village(s) safety; and quite possibly, the safety of others too.

Combat UnitsEdit

Page Archer _Archer
_Type: Defensive/Offensive
_Playable: Yes
_Description: Archers are the backbone of every army. They can fire arrows quite rapidly. However, they are very weak in melee combat. Almost every lord uses Archers.

Page ArmedPeasant _Armed Peasant
_Type: Offensive
_Playable: Yes
_Description: The barebone necessity for any Lord just beginning in their adventure, the Armed Peasant. Not much in the way of damage or offense; better than nothing!

Page ImagePending _Captain
_Type: Offensive
_Playable: TBC
_Description: Captains will allow strategic commands and uses to be allowed when attacking (or defending) adding more strategy and thinking to overall sieges and defence.

Page Catapult _Catapult
_Type: Offensive
_Playable: Yes
_Description: Pure range destructive power. No Lord should be without this necessary unit.

Page Knight _Knight
_Type: Defensive
_Playable: Yes
_Description: This fast and decisive rider is a must for any castle hoping to stave off attackers.

Page Pikeman _Pikeman
_Type: Defensive/Offensive
_Playable: Yes
_Description: Slow moving units, due to heavy armour. These guys provide the greatest defence versus anything thrown at them. Not too shabby at damage either.

Page Swordsman _Swordsman
_Type: Defensive/Offensive
_Playable: Yes
_Description: The most powerful footsoldier. High Damage, High Defence; however slow moving.

Religious UnitsEdit

Page ImagePending _Battle Monk
_Type: Speculated Unit
_Playable: No
_Description: This unit is is rumoured to exist, it is not implemented or has any official backing (details wise) thus far.

Page ImagePending _Monk
_Type: Status Change
_Playable: Yes
_Description: Monks in Stronghold Kingdoms are used to buff and aid local and allied parishs against various status types.

Utility UnitsEdit

Page ImagePending _Merchant
_Type: Merchant/Trader
_Playable: Yes
_Description: The very core of every economy, the merchant. These guys sell, buy and trade goods that you designate.

Page ImagePending _Scout
_Type: Explorative
_Playable: Yes
_Description: Scouts are to some, the fastest way to obtain goods when online. You ca use them to quickly aquire and seek out sources on the map, or even check out other villages.